Session Report 10/19/2011

Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been destroying me.  I have been playing a lot of games, but my 4th video is still in editing over TWO WEEKS NOW.  Need to catch up this weekend and pump out some videos!  I went to my friend Scotts house last night and played a few new games with my friends John and Ryan (4 total, 3 games total)

Star Trek:  Fleet Captains

We got this to the table first, it was already getting setup when we arrived.  I had a feeling reading the rules that this is a game best played with two people a la Memoir 44, and just like playing Memoir with teams of two, Star Trek fell totally flat with me as a 4 player experience.  Ignoring the fact that to play the game efficiently you need to front load the entire group with pretty much all of your actions, gameplay with just 16 VPs took over two hours.  The setup that is shown in the book for a 4 player game places you WAY too close to an enemy, i would have much rather seen a square map, instead of a flat rectangle with close corners belonging to opposing forces.  It led to a game where I fought my corner bud and the other two squared off, with little exploration since we all started so close.  BUT, the game itself and the rules are quite intuitive, clix issues aside, and I really look forward to playing this one on one with Scott in the near future, as I’m a huge Trekkie and I do feel it captures what the Knizia clix game lacked.  My opinion would peg this game at a strong 8 if it were priced at $60.  At $100, the components aren’t there at all for that price point.  7/10.


Finally, I decided to pick up Catacombs.  My favorite game of the past year has been Ascending Empires, and I wanted another dexterity game that didn’t involve the pitchcar mechanic.  Was a big hit, I played the bad guy, and it went to the very very end with everyone at 3HP or less (except Scott, he cheats with that damn wizard).  I ended up winning by stunning everybody with my Lich of DOOM.  Great game, although like with Captains I’d put this price point at $35-40 instead of where its at.  I mean, I bought Merchants and Mauraders for cheaper than Catacombs.  >.>  8/10.  My only naggle is the item deck is so small.

Last was Tichu as usual, where Ryan and I drunken laughed our way to victory.

I promise to keep posting more than once a month, I swears.