Session Report for week of 9/18-9/24

Going to have to get all the games I played into this report for the week, ended up having two nights of games, and a new game to test with the wife!  Lets get to it!

Sentinels of the Multiverse –

Players – 5

Time – 45 minutes

Difficulty – Easy

Sentinels is quickly becoming a crowd favorite.  Mixing two of the best genres, superheroes and co-op games, this is by far the best adaptation of a superhero themed game, video or board.  It can handle two to five players, but there is no mechanic built in to help or hurt the heroes based on player size, so the sweet spot is 4 or 5.  Gameplay is a breeze, the cards explain when mechanics are applied for the baddies, and the player turn consists of playing a card then playing a power on a card.  This particular game night was the first playthrough for 3 of the 5 players, where we crushed Grand Warlord Voss, a super alien trying to conquer Earth.  Then a rare thing happened, the game group immediately asked to play again.  I just smiled, a sure sign of a good purchase.  Sadly, we picked Citizen Dawn as the baddie, and she mopped the floor with all 5 of us, with us using the same 5 heroes.  My only complaints are what everyone else has with the game.  The game box is too small to store everything once unpackaged, and you need to use your own counters to keep track of everyones life.  But I printed out what the designer posted on their website for suitable trackers, and it works.  Wonderful game, and look forward to expansions or other games from Greater Than Games, LLC!

Times Played:  6  Score:  9/10, love the enthusiasm everyone gets when they play this.

Lords of Vegas –

Players – 4

Time – 90 minutes

Difficulty – Medium

I played this game a total of three times this week.  I picked it up on my wife’s suggestion when I narrowed what new game to get while one of our local game stores, Game Daze, was running a sale.  Very good pick and strong offering from Mayfair Games.  They took what is basically an area control and area influence game and put a very decent amount of luck in the game through cards to assign who owns what sections of the map, and dice to assign area control.  Both elements keep the game on edge, as you never know who will get to own what, and you are always a dice roll away from winning or losing territories just before they score victory points.  The cherry on top, so to speak, is the game allows any sort of immediate bartering between players.  I can pay another player cash and a lot on the board in exchange for a die swap out in a casino square they own.  Definitely keeps the chatter going among players, as soon everyone gets involved with the trade to get their own agendas involved.  Great game!  Need to play with four people.

Times Played:  3  Score:  8/10, solid offering and distinctly different than anything I currently own.

Age of Empires 3 –

Players – 2

Time – 2 hours

Difficulty – Hard for the rules explanation, medium overall.

Age of Empires is a game I’ve been wanting to play for some time.  A very solid strategy/war game with some ‘wife friendly’ elements, such as set collection.  The only other wargame I’ve subjected my wife to is Dominant Species (super super awesome game), this one seemed to be the closest to Dominant while keeping the gametime to two hours or less (Dominant is easily 3+ just with two players).  You can build your victory point engine in a lot of different ways instead of min/maxing in Dominant.  You can almost totally ignore one aspect of Age and focus on another without too much penalty.  Overall my wife enjoyed the game, and is willing to play it with 4 people instead of just us two.  I would too, would probably rate it higher.

Times Played:  1  Score:  7/10, DS is simply more up my alley at this point.


Not even going to explain this one.  Its Tichu!  I play it every week, haha.  Had our first 3 bomb round, in which my wife had two 4 card bombs and I had one, and totally owned me with it.  She ended up winning 520-390, close one.


Owned by my wife.










Ascension –

Players:  4

Time:  45 minutes

Difficulty:  Light

I enjoy living card games as much as the next guy, and am always willing to try new games.  But this stinker fell flat with everyone.  It would probably work best as a two player game, but way way too much luck comes into play with four players.  The card draft mechanic revolves by the 5 cards available for purchase, but with so many people picking from those 5, by the time your turn comes everything you wanted was taken and everything out usually doesnt mesh with the hand you drew.  Hard to have a deck building game with so so so many elements of luck involved.  Nightfall is much more up our style of living card games.  We all prefer actually building our decks so they can actually cater to a particular strategy.  I built to a mechanica construct strat, which is awesome except the deck is so huge I hardly ever saw the cards I needed when it was my turn.  Pass.

Times Played:  3   Score:  4/10.  Felt like my time was a big waste playing this one.

That’s it for now.  I really really need to start taking pictures of games that I play so this blog can look less ‘wordy’.   Haha.  😀