New Game with the Wife! – Pantheon

Quick entry, played Pantheon with Amy, my wife, last night.  A new game I picked up at my LFGS Superstition Springs Mall’s Game Daze (super best Game Daze in the AZ, the owner is very in touch with Eurogaming and board game enthusiasts!).

Pantheon –

Players:  2 (4 max)

Time:  90 minutes

Difficulty:  Light-Medium

We had too many new games to play during Saturdays gamefest, so I brought this game out at home Sunday night with my wife, Amy!  This game is made by Bernd Brunnhofer, who made Stone Age and Saint Petersburg, both euros I enjoy greatly, so my expectations were a bit high for this one.  And boy was I surprised!  This game is awesome!!  It is an area control / route building / ‘engine’ game rolled into a neat package.  We both ended up taking direction for our game engine, Amy taking a money route to buy routes, and I took a movement round to just gain routes.  After a tight game of back and forth, Amy ended up winning by 8 points, 92 to 84.  Great first game, both of us were learning a lot.  I can definitely see this game being epic light game fun with 4 players, taking about 90 minutes.

Times Played:  1  Score:  8/10, light-medium.

This game seems to be under the radar, after Tichu I’ll video this one next.  😀