Quick Look – Resident Evil TCG

Resident Evil The Card Game – http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/79073/resident-evil-deck-building-game

Players:  2 (4 max)

Time:  30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Tried out Resident Evil TCG with the wife tonight.  We are both big fans of Dominion and Nightfall (and my favorite game is RftG), so I’d consider us both ‘pros’ at deck builders.  Setup was Thunderstone-esque (about 5 minutes too long), and we were off playing the first ‘Story’ scenario.  There really is no direct strategy from what we found, since you are wrestling with too many card types.  You just pick what is best with the character you drew (variable powers per player) and hope you draw the right cards.  It is essentially Thunderstone without heroes, and you don’t get to see what is in the dungeon.  You elect to go to the dungeon first with your damage and THEN you find out if you killed the mob or not.  Its a nice mechanic to help feed the ‘resident evil’ theme, since you’ll never know if you have enough firepower.  I can definitely see this mechanic wearing thin on folks requiring a super slick deck building engine, but take it for what it is and its ok.  If I had never played Nightfall I’d like this game a lot more.  But I own Nightfall.  😀

Times Played:  1  Score:  5/10.  Light strategy.