KCoG taking off….a bit. :D

Well, got very positive feedback on my latest video, Eminent Domain. I will tweak the format a bit, but for the most part, I’m happy with a 30-40 minute video that has all of the overview and review up front, and a full rules/strategy session in the rear. Now I need to save money for a better camera and better lights. 😀 I’ll be out of town the rest of the week and some of next week, so my next video won’t be for a bit. I need a suggestion for my next video! I was thinking Lords of Vegas or Pantheon.

p.s. Started my geeklist at the request of a BGGer.




Always looking for gamers!!

I am wanting to start some game sessions at my house in El Mirage, Arizona.  If you are nearby and want to join up, leave a comment!

Hello World!

Hello World!!!!

Nathan Kohatsu here.  I have been told by many folks to start up a blog about my favorite hobby, board gaming.  So I am finally plunging in and starting one.  I will try to be as frequent as I can!  Good luck!!   WOOOO!